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Someone to speak on your behalf

An advocate can help you tell other people what your needs or wishes are if you don't feel able to do this for yourself. They will support you with what you want to say whenever possible, but they can speak for you if you want them to. 

An advocate could be someone you trust, like a family member, a neighbour or carer. But if you haven't got anyone to speak up for you, there are organisations that can help you. 

They can also explain some of the complex processes and possibilities for you. 

If you ask for a social care assessment and the person you talk with feels you would benefit from having an advocate, with your consent they can help you arrange that.

In Somerset there is an independent advocacy service provided by SWAN Advocacy. They also provide specialist advocacy to represent people without capacity and Somerset residents who decide to pursue a complaint about the NHS.

Phone: 03333 44 7928

You can find more information to help you on the Somerset County Council website.