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Lessons for children who can't be at school for health reasons

Somerset County Council may, in certain circumstances, support children who cannot go to school temporarily because of medical difficulties. They fulfil this through the Area Pupil Referral Units (PRU).

The main responsibilities of the PRUs are to:

  • respond to referrals for support for these children and ensure education outside of mainstream school is in the most appropriate setting to the child's needs (this could be individual, group or online teaching)
  • ensure that the child's experience will be as positive as possible and seeks to maintain their studies and social contacts with school, where appropriate (taking into account any medical condition)
  • oversee the reintegration of the child back into their school at the earliest opportunity

For children with medical needs, schools can expect, with the support of an appropriate medical professional, to be able to refer a child for teaching outside mainstream school if they are concerned about a child who is absent for more than 15 days.

Children accessing alternative education remain on the roll of the school and the education provided will follow the child's Individual Healthcare Plan, drawn up by the child's school in partnership with parents and a health professional.