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Early Help Assessment

The Early Help Assessment is a key tool in identifying children, young people and families who need support as early as possible, and from which agencies. This can only happen if children, young people or their family's needs are identified before things reach a crisis point and the right professionals and services are working together to help. 

The Early Help Assessment is designed to make sure that children, young people and their families receive the right support at an early stage, before their needs escalate, and that services are delivered in a more co-ordinated way. 

This means a group of professionals and practitioners getting their heads together to find the best way of helping each of the family to get on track and happily moving forward. The Children's Centres are often used to meet in. Lots of parents find themselves needing a helping hand, and just like learning for your job, courses for parents to develop into experts are always well attended.

Everything will be explained to you. You will need to sign a form to say that you do not mind receiving the help and support of the group. You sign to say the professionals can talk to each other about the areas of benefit to you and your family. They are always confidential and will not talk to anyone unless you have agreed they can.

They will suggest specific plans and actions and will link you to those who can help. These are the people who can refer you to other agencies including paediatricians. They will find the right way forward with you.

Records of all the things you are trying to do to make progress in education will be kept altogether by the team as they may be needed later.

One of the benefits of the Early Help Assessment is that it reduces the number of different assessments that children, young people and their families have to undergo. This means that they don't have to keep repeating their story. 

Somerset partners work together, sharing common ground, and agree that there is a common need for Early Help Assessment to be undertaken in all the various agency settings. Early Help Assessment is an important component of Somerset County Council's Early Help Strategy and Delivery Plan, which makes sure that all the children and young people of Somerset: 
  • Are safe, healthy and cared for 
  • Are treated fairly and equally 
  • Achieve their full potential both in and out of school 
  • Build self - esteem and raise aspirations 
  • Have better employment opportunities 
  • Benefit from family wellbeing and local prosperity 
  • Have integrated support to meet their needs

Professionals can find information about completing an Early Help Assessment, or find out if an Early Help Assessment has been registered, on the Early Help Assessment page on the Professional Choices website.

Education, Health and Care Needs Assessment

If there is an educational need, sometimes education health and care come together to build a plan. When there are complex needs, all of the things you have tried so far will be discussed to make sure you can move forward in the best way possible. It is important the aims and goals of the child or young person comes first and information built up over time helps to make sure ambitions and outcomes are helped to be reached.

This group of people work together so that your information is all in one place and you do not need to keep repeating your information over and over. They also work together to plan the best way forward to meet the aims and goals of the person at home, in education and during fun times. They work together to help with changes that happen as the person grows. They work with the person towards independence.

Lots of information is needed for this assessment so it is best if a professional helps. Young people or parent carers can request an Education, Health and Care Needs Assessment if they wish. If they do it is very important to have all records and information to hand.

Find out more about the Education health and care needs assessment.