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Important documents

This page lists important documents about our Local Offer, like policies and strategies 

The SEND policy for Somerset
The policy contains local authority expectations about supporting children and young people with special educational needs.

In Somerset this has been interpreted alongside the school funding reforms of 2013, and is described in the SEND policy for Somerset. This provides information about how we use a 'graduated approach' to meet the special educational needs of children and young people in schools and how one level of support is built on by the next level of support, as it becomes necessary.

Read the the SEND Policy in full

We oversee a range of support to meet the needs of children and young people in education. Educational support is co-ordinated with other services and there are policies and ways of working that shape the services we provide.

The way we provide support for children and young people with SEND is based on the SEN&D Code of Practice 2015

SEND Strategy for Somerset 
We want every child and young person to have the greatest possible opportunity to be the best they can be, to be happy, and have choice and control over their life.

We need to transform our services and work together to make sure that the child or young person is at the centre of everything we do. That way young people, their families, supported by all partners, can raise their aspirations and improve their outcomes.

Our 2016 to 2019 strategy is the partnership response to the challenge to all of us. This is the way we will work with children and young people, and their parent carers, so they are in control and we provide the right help at the right time to support them to be the best they can be.

Our outcomes

  • Outcome 1 - our families, children and young people report a positive experience of our SEND systems and support, feel empowered and confident to engage and to make decisions.
  • Outcome 2 - timely and accurate assessment and identification of SEND across education, health and care services.
  • Outcome 3 - inclusive and equitable access to good quality local education.
  • Outcome 4 - smooth and effective transitions happen at key points for the child and young person.
  • Outcome 5 - creative partnership working delivers effective, fair and transparent systems and services.

The full Somerset SEND Strategy 2016 to 2019 

Our Local Offer Annual Report 2016/17 - We would like to thank each and every one of you for giving us your comments. We have enjoyed hearing from and talking to all of you. During the coming year we will be working hard with the feedback you have given to us to make the Local Offer better for us all. Please keep getting involved.

Our Local Offer Annual Report 2015 and 16

Please visit the Local Offer page to find out what this means in Somerset.

The National Curriculum is a set of subjects and standards used by primary and secondary schools so that children learn the same things. It covers what subjects are taught and the standards children should reach in each subject.

Other types of school, like academies and private schools, don't have to follow the National Curriculum but still have standards they have to meet. If your child attends an academy and you have any concerns or questions about the curriculum, please contact the academy directly.

Our Education Travel Policy sets out how we, as the local authority, have interpreted our duty with regard to the relevant legislation for home to school travel and transport guidance. The arrangements apply to pupils and students who live in Somerset or who are deemed to be our responsibility, and apply to travel arrangements at the beginning and end of the school day (and not to travel between educational establishments during the school day).

The document also incorporates the separate policy documents for children with Special Educational Needs. We will also make decisions with reference to our commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant, which seeks to redress disadvantage of opportunity in the armed forces community.

Here are links to our Transport Policy and Strategy.

For Education Transport for Pupils who need special arrangements there is more information provided by Transporting Somerset

Somerset's Accessibility Strategy and Schools Access Initiative
We are driven to make accessibility easier in all of our provision. With this in mind, we have produced the Accessibility Strategy

It is part of the School's Access Initiative. Through this Initiative, the County Council and mainstream schools can:

  • meet their Equality Act planning duties
  • develop the accessibility of schools in Somerset and meet their Children and Families Act duties
  • support schools and parents to meet the complex physical and access needs of children and young people

The type of adaptation needed must:

  • be for a mainstream school
  • relate to disability and special educational needs
  • be over and above what is normally available in a mainstream school

There are ways that schools can apply for accessibility funding. You can find more information in the Schools Access Initiative Funding Guidance